• Max Air

    Saturday 22 July 2017

    AC Service   It’s 98 degrees outside and your car has been in the middle of a parking lot for the last 3 hours. Temperatures inside it can be upwards of 150 degrees or more. This is not the time to be without AC. The AC system on a modern car is a sealed system utilizing a small amount of pressurized gas (usually less than 32oz.). Unlike various fluids in your car; the engine oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, etc., the refrigerant in your AC system does not wear... read more

  • How much for a "tune up?"

    Thursday 22 June 2017

    “How much for a ‘tune up’?” I receive about 3-5 calls a week (or more), where the callers asks; “how much for a tune-up?” I can understand why, as there are certain terms and phrases that are so ingrained into our vocabulary that their actual meaning is all but lost. Phrases such as: “I could kill you”, “I’ll be there in a minute”, and of course, the topic of today; “I think my car needs a... read more

  • Why is my “CHECK ENGINE” light on?

    Monday 22 May 2017

    Why is my “CHECK ENGINE” light on? “Why is my check engine light on?” I get this question almost daily. Since 1979, manufactures have put computers in cars, but still, every day, I'm asked to explain why a check engine (CE) light comes on. It’s a simple question, but requires a complex and lengthy answer however, we don't have time for that, so I'm going to try and make it a little easier to understand. I could write paragraphs of tech... read more

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