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About Us | Machado's Auto Care

Although Machado’s Auto Care is new to Garland, our people are not new to quality service and repair. Since early 2015, our team had been doing business as “Collinsworth Car Care” across town at 3201 Saturn Rd. and helping our local community with all their automotive needs. Rich promoted the business and brought along his unique approach to auto repair which is to check-out the vehicles thoroughly and then present the customer with all our findings as to allow them to make an educated decision for what’s best for their needs. We don’t “sell”, we help guide and advise so you can make the choice that’s right for you. Unforeseen circumstances required an immediate relocation in September 2016, and thus “Machado’s Auto Care” began in Texas. 

Rich Machado brings over 30 years of automotive experience and an enthusiasm for cars and anything mechanical. In high school, he started working at a local shop owned by his neighbor, Kelvin Kruger. From there he honed his skills and continued to learn. Over the next decade, he became certified by ASE as a Master Technician. Rich was voracious for furthering his education, not only as it related to cars but even more so; the inner workings of business, specifically, the auto repair business.

This is not Rich’s first venture into ownership. In 1995, then still living in Livermore, CA, he started “Machado’s Auto Care” with only a single customer, a small loan, and a lot of prayer. Through continued growth and customer satisfaction, the business improved every year. When he sold it in 2005, to facilitate his families move to Texas, that single customer had grown to several thousand. Today that shop is still going strong under the new ownership.

Machado’s Auto Care offers a full complement of services to Garland, Texas. From State Inspections to engine replacement, and everything in-between: we offer oil changes, routine maintenance, diagnosis of “Check Engine” lights or anything else that ails your car, it’s what we do to help provide reliable transportation for you and your family.

Machado’s Auto Care also provides fleet service to many local businesses and has relationships with several third-party billing companies. We are very cognitive with the needs of businesses that rely on their vehicles to provide service for their customers and our goal is to insure “down-time” and additional costs are kept to a minimum.